Acti-Fresh Thin Panty Liners


CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Thin liners are designed to deliver freshness, thanks to an 8-hour odor control system.

CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® Thin liners feel as soft and thin as a panty, so all you feel is confident.



Available In:


  • Panty Liner Count

    22 | 60

  • Absorbency


  • Unscented*

  • To go


    To go

*Contains an odor control ingredient

So thin and absorbent, you’ll forget you’re wearing a liner!


Exceptional Construction

CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® panty liners are super-absorbent to lock fluid away. Our process results in a thin, absorbent liner that feels as soft as your panties. The fibers in each CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® panty liner’s cover are bonded together to give you a soft, cotton-like* feel that moves with you.
*Product does not contain cotton

Super Thin and Absorbent

CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® panty liners do a great job of keeping you fresh, confident and comfortable.

8-hour Odor Control System

Peace of mind is built into every CAREFREE® ACTI-FRESH® panty liner. Our unique odor control system gives you that extra boost of confidence when you need it.

Review Highlights

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Review Stars

"Gym bag necessity" I normally don't use liners but I've noticed that I needed something help me down there when I'm at the gym. Well, you get sweaty lol! I found that these liners are super soft, easy to forget about, and super absorbent. They last the entire gym session!

— sj
Review Stars

"Good and clean" Carefree® Acti-Fresh® pads are thin and a light alternative to tampons for light days. Definitely portable and a good option to take on the go or in between busy days. Haven't gotten the chance yet to fully put to the test but hoping to next month. Will keep you updated!.

— elleinthecity

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